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Non EU student working more than 50hrs per week with 2 contracts.

Hallo Andrea,

i am a Non EU student enrolled in a Hochschule germany.

recently I received two offers:

1) Fereinarbeit with working hours 35hrs/ week

2) werkstudent with 20hrs/week.

by combining it exceeds 50hrs/week.

so, my query is, Can i accept two contracts and get worked for both companies thereby getting no complications from legal administration Germany? other than Tax clauses. 

Is it permitted to have "n" number of contracts merged with "n" working hours count per week and earn income with/without exceeding 120full/240 half days on holding a student visa status?

your response would be very helpful

best regards


Amar: 30.06.2020 |
  • RE: Non EU student working more than 50hrs per week with 2 contracts.

    Hello Amar,

    thanks for your question.

    As long as they are inside the 120 days/240 half days-rule, you as a non-EU-students with a students visa can have as many jobs as you want. So it depends on, how the workingtimes are and how long the contract period is. Also the combination of a Job as Werkstudent plus a Ferienjob is no problem in itself.

    But in your case the working hours in all are too high. In Germany there is a law called Arbeitszeitgesetz (Working Hours Act) which regulates the maximum number of working hours per week. According to that law you are not allowed to work more that 8h per day (10h with compensation) and 6 days a week, which means 48h/week. The statutory breaks and rest periods must also be observed.
    If you sign a contract that brings you over 48h/week it is not valid. And it's also not allowed to take payed holiday in one job to have time to work in another.

    Maybe you can ask one of the employers for a (possibly limited) reduction of your working hours?

    Have a look in our leaflet for international students. And you can find on our website more information about working as an international student, about Arbeitszeitgesetz, payed holiday and combining jobs - unfortunatelly our website is only in German. I hope you can read it anyway or find help for translation.

    If you have further questions, you can write us again.

    Best wishes
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    dgb-jugend: 30.06.2020

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