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Working as tutor (being a foreign student)

Hello! Sorry for writing in English but I am a foreign student enrolled in a University in Germany and I have a doubt.

In my residence permit as foreign student it says that I cannot do freelancing. But I am thinking that I would like to work as a tutor and I wonder if there is any way that I can do and register for this on my own if it would a Minijob and offer my services independently this way to people interested. Or whether it is completely obligatory that I work for a company that provides this service and I am an employee. 

Could you give me any advice regarding this? It is really confusing all the bureaucracy here for me.

Thank you! 

Kai: 28.05.2020 |
  • RE: Working as tutor (being a foreign student)


    thanks for your question.

    If you have a students visa, you are not allowed to work freelance at all, that includes being a selfemployed and indypendent tutor.
    You are only allowed to work dependent as an employee inside the 120-day-rule.

    But it is possible to apply at the Ausländerbehörde for a permission to work freelance beside you studies. Be aware: If you work as a freelancer without an extra permit, you can risk your residence permit!

    If you need further information, you can get advice at the Studierendenwerk or at your students council.

    If you have other questions, you can write us again.

    Best wishes
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    dgb-jugend: 28.05.2020

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