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Limit on working during semester break

Hi, I am an international student at TU. My question is that since I am allowed to work 240 half days or 120 full days, does this limit also apply on work during semester break? Forexample, I work 80 hours per month for 11 months and one month I work 160 hours for one month in the semester break?

Question 2. Do paid holidays also count towards this limit of 120 half days or 240 full days?

Arsal: 23.01.2019 14:31:03 |
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    Hello Arsal,

    thanks for your question.

    As long as they are inside the 120 days/240 half days-rule, non-EU-students with a students visa can work as much as they want. It's not important, when you work.

    But make sure, not to work more than 120 days (240 half days) in the whole year, otherwise you can lose your resident permit! Each day, on which you work more than 4h is counted as a whole day and each day with less than 4h is counted as a half day. So you're weekly workinghours are not that important.
    For example you can work 16h/week with two days à 8h (2 whole days per week) and are inside the 120-days-rule (with a bit more than 100 whole workingdays in the year)
    you can work 15h/week with 3 days à 5h (three whole days because over 4h) and NOT be inside the 120-days-rule (with around 150 whole working days).

    If you want to work more, you have to apply at the Ausländerbehörde.

    Question 2 I can't answer as I'm not really sure. And as your questions consern your residence permit, I don't wann tell you anything wromng that can bring you in trouble.
    But at all big Berlin universities there a specialized counselimng offers for international students:
    TU: https:/​/​​service/​a-beratung
    HU: https:/​/​​beratung.auslaenderinnen.html
    FU: https:/​/​​einrichtungen/​service/​studierende/​beratung-asta/​international/​index.html

    Please use the specialized counseling offers or ask at the Ausländerbehörde.

    If you have further questions, you can get personal advice in one of our bureaus near you https:/​/​​-/​X2y or you can write us again

    Best wishes
    students at work

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