Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund

German Trade Union Youth

Logo der DGB-Jugend, rote Raute mit weißer und schwarzer Schrift

Who we are
We – the DGB-Jugend – are a youth organization with the aim to support young people and their interests. These interests are mainly related to apprenticeship, internships and work. We are experts for all questions regarding labour.

As the representation of interests among young workers we are also focused on lobbying within politics and business companies. Therefore we are focused creating new sustainable jobs, decent work and equal pay and treatment. Our main goals are education, apprenticeship and training positions for young people.

As German trade union confederation we unify all young members within the free trade unions. Young people of all eight German membership unions are organized within the DGB-Jugend, making a total membership rate of over 500.000 people till the age of 27. Within the membership unions you can get active with project groups and campaigns. All young people such as pupils, students, interns, trainees and young unemployed people – have the chance to become members and take action within the German trade union youth.

What we do
For example fighting for an improvement of working and apprenticeship conditions. It would be nice if they would appear from nowhere, but that isn’t the case. So we have to keep fighting for them.

That is why we are dealing with all the questions and problems related to labour and young people. We are the ones who are looking for answers and solutions.
At events, workshops and within panels we discuss many different topics. For example globalization, equality of opportunity, anti-racism and many more. Therefore we are an accepted lobbying partner for politics, business companies and society regarding the improvement of living and working conditions for young adults in Germany, Europe and in the world.

These are our aims which we are accomplishing with many young people, because we are an organization which is living from a vivid participation. Everybody has the chance to become a member at the German trade union youth and/or using the advantages of a membership.