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Bonjour, si vous avez le droit de changer d'entreprise si votre entreprise ne respecte pas le contrat de constitution ?
Cela peut-il affecter mon titre de séjour ?

RE: Azubi

Bonjour King!

Merci beaucoup pour ta consultation! Je dois malheureusement te répondre en anglais, car mon français n'est pas assez bon.

It is theoretically possible to change your vocational training. However, as this involves your residency permit, you should definitely get help to check your particular case. There are advice services available here:

If you terminate your vocational training contract or break off your vocational training completely, your employer or school must inform the Immigration Office within one week. You will then receive a one-off tolerated stay for six months. During these six months, you can find a new vocational training place and apply for a new tolerated stay permit. If you do not find a new vocational training place within these six months, you will unfortunately lose your tolerated stay and may be subsequently deported.

You can always seek help from your local trade union. Here is a contact in your area:

Marktstr. 8
33602 Bielefeld
Telefon: 0521 93840 0
E-Mail: bielefeld@igbau.de

You can simply call them, ask for a youth secretary and tell them that you come from Dr. Azubi...

Trade union members have legal protection through their trade union in matters of labor and social law. This also applies to issues relating to residence law for foreign nationals. For vocational trainees, joining the trade union is the cheapest way to obtain legal protection: Trainees only pay a fee of around five euros a month.

You could also contact a vocational training advisor at the chamber/guild and arrange a personal meeting with them, as they are there to monitor vocational training in the companies.

Good luck! I hope you can figure out a suitable solution for you! This was a service provided by your trade union!

Best regards

Dr. Azubi

P. S. Please recommend our service to others!

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